Due to a sudden increase in the cost of the donor amps we use to create our Stage 5 Amps we are forced to raise our prices accordingly.  Our commitment to our quality product and superb tone will not change.


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 The Stage 5 Amp is an affordable blues harp amp with pro level performance.  It was designed with all levels of players in mind.  The price is low and the sound is huge   The Stage 5 amps give you more bang for the buck than any other amplifier on the market.  By far. 

Visit our About Page for more info regarding the engineering and origins of the Stage 5 Amp. 

The Stage 5 amp has that classic Chicago crunch when driven hard, and that sweet warm sound when you back off a bit.  The tone control is unique, designed purely for great blues harp sound.  

Sorry, we no longer ship amps outside of the USA.  You may engage a trans-shipper/freight forwarder in the USA to re-ship to you.  Send us the shipper address and your contract number and we will ship to them.  We offer no warranty against shipping damage on any amp delivered outside the USA.


-5 watts of great tube tone 
-Switchable to 1 watt 
-6V6 power tube 
-12AY7 preamp tube 
-Weber speaker 
-Proprietary tone stack and voicing circuitry from Bruce Collins 
-External speaker jack 
-Optional line out jack 
-Optional 230V power supply
-Assembled in Denver Colorado USA
-Easy return policy
USA Shipping Only!


-13 in high x 12 inches wide x 8 inches deep 
-Weighs 16 pounds 13 ounces 
-Small enough to be carry-on luggage 
-Fits in the overhead bin 

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stage 5 AMPS

Ronnie Shellist Signature Stage 5 RS Amp
  • Ronnie Shellist Signature Stage 5 RS Amp
In cart Not available Out of stock

Stage 5 RS Amp with Ronnie's preferences for vintage Chicago tone: The sound is warm, smooth, fat. Upgraded Weber alnico speaker, extensive circuit mods, includes the Line Out option and an instructional video from Ronnie. USA SHIPPING ONLY!

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JD Taylor Signature Stage 5 JD Amp
  • JD Taylor Signature Stage 5 JD Amp
In cart Not available Out of stock

Tuned for JD Taylor to get badass Memphis Beale Street blues harp tone. Custom circuit mods and Weber ceramic speaker for crunch and punch. Lean into it to get that nice breakup. Does not include the Line Out option, order it separately below. USA SHIPPING ONLY!

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Our amps are set up for USA power, 120V.  If you are ordering from another country you may need to add the 230V option below.


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