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The Stage 5 Amp is an entry level blues harp amp with pro level performance.  It was designed with all levels of players in mind.  The price is low and the sound is huge   The Stage 5 amps give you more bang for the buck than any other amplifier on the market.  By far.

Visit our About Page for more info regarding the engineering and origins of the Stage 5 Amp.

Our price is only $249 for the basic Stage 5 amp -- about the same cost as two good harmonicas.  The Stage 5 amp has that classic Chicago crunch when driven hard, and that sweet warm sound when you back off a bit.  The tone control is unique, designed purely for great blues harp sound. 


-5 watts of great tube tone
-Switchable to 1 watt
-6V6 power tube
-12AY7 preamp tube
-Weber Signature 8-inch speaker
-Proprietary tone stack and voicing circuitry from Bruce Collins
-External speaker jack
-Optional line out jack
-Optional 230V power supply
-Easy return policy


-13 in high x 12 inches wide x 8 inches deep
-Weighs 16 pounds 13 ounces

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Current wait time for the Stage 5 amps is two weeks.


Stage 5 Amplifier
  • Stage 5 Amplifier
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5-Watt Tube Amp for blues harmonica or guitar. Loud, aggressive, early breakup. complex overtones. Great blues tone for any player at a very modest price. Does not include the Line Out option, order it separately below.

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JD Taylor Signature Stage 5 JD Amp
  • JD Taylor Signature Stage 5 JD Amp
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SUMMERTIME BLUES SALE! Save $40. Tuned for JD Taylor to get badass Chicago blues harp tone. Custom circuit mods and ceramic speaker for punch and crunch. Lean into it to get that sweet breakup. JD Taylor nameplate. Does not include the Line Out option, order it separately below.

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what players are saying about the stage 5 amp

From Jay Kipps in Toronto:  "Dude! This amp is unbelievable. I am shocked! I didn’t think it was possible to get this kind of tone and volume out of such a small package."

- - - -

From Bill in New York:  "Thanks Rick. My little amp is a beast!"

- - - -

From Bob in Mass on his Stage 5 RS model, after his first band rehearsal with the new amp:  "Killer, Killer, Killer.  With a nice old Controlled reluctance mic. just dialed 4 and 4 and it smoked. I do a simple lick in “I’d Rather Go Blind,” a long 4 blow to a long 4 draw twice to 6 blow 5 draw 5 blow 4 draw 4 blow with a lot of throat vibrato. Sounded so sweet with the Hammond organ in the background."

- - - -

From Charlie Harper in Canada:  "Rick just to say thanks .The amp is incredible.  I love it. Took it out last night for rehersal for the first time with the band, we were all blown away.  I never had such a great sounding amp in my life. Bruce Collins is a an amazing guy. Between the two of you, you have created a real little GEM.  Thanks for the great service and killer sounding amp.  I love the 1 watt option as well.  I have never bought an amp without trying it before , all can say is wow.  I will be recommending it.  All the best to you and your crew.

- - - -

From pro player Ronnie Shellist:  "Been working the Stage 5 amp here in Chicago!! It's performing flawlessly. I am finding that in a duo setting, the 1 watt setting is ideal. Not just ideal but perfect. If you don't use it, I find that you can risk being too loud as you turn up the amp to get that break up but the 1 watt is working out so damn good. I had the volume on 5-6 in the 1 watt mode for the gig with Matt Hendricks."

- - - - 

From Mike in Alaska:  "Rick, thank you so much for your kindness and attention to detail.  I couldn't have asked for a better experience both with the Stage 5 RS amplifier and the customer service."

- - - -

From Julien in France:  "I wanted to thank you about my fantastic Stage 5 RS amp! Little amp, big sound, great tone... I finally found this Chicago sound that I was looking for a long time! Thanks again, and long life to Stage 5 amps!"

- - - -

From pro player JD Taylor:  "You're not going to get a better amp at a better price than the JD Taylor model.  I would not put my name on it if I didn't believe in it and I wasn't playing it."

- - - -

From pro player Ronnie Shellist:  "This amp is really impressive, especially for the price. I was shocked at how well it cut through the mix."

- - - -

From pro player Brandon Santini, after hearing Ronnie Shellist play the amp:  "Jesus man...that’s a huge, gnarly 5 Watts!  Killer" 

- - - -

From pro player Dan Treanor:  "Five watts of pure tone, great stage volume for a 5 watt amp. This is a great harp amp in a small package. It handles pedals very well. it doesn't lose any articulation of the notes, especially on the low end."

- - - -

From James, a hard working player in a mid-west regional "Outlaw" Country band: "CHEERS FOR MAKING AN AMP WORKING MUSICIANS CAN AFFORD !!!"

- - - -

From Marc in the South Bay:  "Hey, Rick.  I received my Stage 5 RS amp on Thursday, as scheduled. I wanted to put it through its paces before I messaged you. This is a fantastic amp. It’s very easy to get good tone out of this amp and it puts out a lot of volume. I really like it and I’ll probably get a lot more amplified practice because it’s so damn fun.  Best, Marc."

- - - -

From Gary in Denver: "Hey Rick... last evening I took my new Stage 5 RS amp out for the first time and I am totally pleased by the way it performed. I went to Moses Walker's blues jam at Westminster Brewing Co; he and I dialed it in together and the amplified results were just the best for tone and volume. Played it stand alone straight through, no house sound plug in. Moses raved. I even drew applause from the crowd after a riff."

- - - -

From Vance Kinney:  "Got my Stage 5 amp yesterday and what a little monster!!!  I can't believe how you guys got so much in such a small package. Great Job"

- - - -

From Dale Wilson:  "Rick, I did a show with the Stage 5 on Saturday night. This little amp rocked a packed house!"

- - - -

Tweet from WHIP Blues Radio:  "From the maker of the #MemphisMini and the #Memphis20 harmonica amplifiers comes a fantastic entry level tube harmonica amplifier at a phenomenal price!  Check out the Stage 5 Amp!

- - - -

From Ken in San Jose, CA:  "Amp Arrived today... You got it right with this amp. I am totally pleased with it. Not only does it sound great with harmonica through a bullet, It also sounds great with Both acoustic and electric guitars.. I think that you are selling yourself short calling it a harmonica amp. The built in speaker is warm and rich without any break in! ...  This amp is awesome."



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